Robert Beal, Chief Executive Officer

Rob orchestrates the entire spectrum of Growth5 strategy and service, ensuring a seamless experience for both our clients and yours. Rob oversees the entire marketing effort in conjunction with strategic planning, capital raise efforts and liquidity event preparation.

Rob works closely with the entrepreneurs that partner with Growth5. "I have a tremendous amount of respect for entrepreneurs. Everyone knows the odds new businesses face," Rob says. "At Growth5, our collective experience lends itself well to the process of helping firms achieve the necessary growth to get from startup mode to late-stage success."

Regardless of the stage your business is in, learning your business inside and out is our goal. "You know your business better than anyone," Rob says. "It's our job to learn as much as we can to help you connect with your target audience. Communicating just what your firm does is not enough; we help you communicate what makes your firm unique. We focus your message on the value your firm delivers to your clients and specifically how it benefits them."

For almost two decades Rob has worked in numerous areas of Communications and Finance: from Creative Strategy & Marketing positions to Financial Services Consulting. His clients have included Volkswagen, Reebok, Bose, Fidelity Investments, Deutsche Bank, and Camden Partners.

As an entrepreneur, Rob has started or helped to start several businesses and currently owns/oversees the growth and development of eight firms.