Your Vision

Who are you and why should your clients do business with you? Growth5 helps you define your identity, image, market position and the strategy to take you where you want to go, through:

Identity Clarification

You may already have an identity and are looking for an update. You may be creating an identity from scratch. We help you develop an identity that is recognizable and represents your positioning in the marketplace.

Brand Management

Once your position has been established we protect your brand by making sure that all strategies, design, and collateral materials promote the identified position uniformly.

Strategic Consulting

If you want to understand how technology, cultural trends, customer behavior, website traffic, media usage patterns, market forces, and your competition are affecting your business or institution, look into our strategic consulting services. You will then understand not only what's going on with your communications... you'll also know what to do about it.


From field research to focus groups, our research and analysis services can help you gain the knowledge and the insight you need to grow your business.