The Growth5 Process

Sustained, strong growth is a complex process. The Growth5 Process uses the power of the Five Principles and a proven, Five-Step Methodology to help you grow.

Step One: Positioning

To grow productively and efficiently, you must know who you are, how you wish to be perceived in the market, and what resources you will need to reach your goals. Surprisingly few companies are able to answer these questions accurately and with conviction. One reason for this is that they "don't know what they don't know": many don't even bother to answer those key questions. G5 helps clients find answers that fit through our Good Ground Positioning Facilitation. Our clients quickly and effectively position themselves - in effect, they come to know what they don't know and they can then develop a strategy to learn and grow.

Step Two: Strategy

Many companies grow without a strategy - until their luck runs out. We help clients craft a strategy that makes them leaders in their market niches because we concentrate on developing both the plan and the resources to make it happen. Our clients reach their goals because they have a focused vision - they do the right things right.

Step Three: Design

"Pretty" only goes so far. Anybody can design a pretty website or brochure, but G5 helps its clients design marketing campaigns that earn the trust of their target clients. That's because we understand how to design attractive marketing tools that connect with clients.

Step Four: Implementation

The path to hell is paved with the unintended consequences of well-intentioned plans. G5 helps clients wring the devil out of the details through outstanding process and quality control. We aim for disruptive innovation, the kind that re-defines markets, and we have the skills and creativity to help our clients pull it off.

Step Five: Proactive, Ongoing Advice and Support

Change happens. Because we anticipate change, our clients retain us to help them through the inevitable turmoil in their markets. Our approach is to weigh circumstances over attributes. Our clients remain dominant in their niches because they are sensitive to changing needs and demands created by technology, demographics, economics or politics.