G5's Good Ground Positioning Facilitation

G5's Good Ground Methodology

Why you?

Why does a prospect choose one broker, banker, lawyer, accountant or any professional over any other? Usually, the answer is fairly straightforward:

This deceptively simple formula is the portal to the very complex world of marketing intangibles. Selling financial services is very challenging because few firms are truly “unique” and not many are even “different.”

Yet each firm - and each office and each person in it - is "differentiable." Working with a firm or group to create the language to differentiate it effectively from its competition is the purpose of G5's Good Ground Methodology. It is an innovative, mission-based approach that helps companies and teams discover and defend their "good ground" - the fertile market niche where their productivity peaks. An organization's "good ground" contains its complete corporate DNA - its mission, vision, strategic direction, and, especially, its position: the distinctive image it occupies in the mind of its target market.

In short, G5 helps firms answer the question what do you say when a client asks, "Why you?" The Good Ground methodology also quickly and effectively builds teamwork and creative consensus among teams. Unlike “market research,” which looks outside the firm, the g5 approach looks inside to answer such fundamental, primary questions as:

The Good Ground Process will take about five to seven hours, and offers these key benefits:

The message will be useful in recruiting as well.