Our Philosophy: The Five Principles of Growth

For many years, successful growth companies understood the fundamental principles that propelled them past their competition and into the hearts and minds of their customers. We believe that there is great power in these principles:

Knowing what you don't know.

What you don't know CAN and will hurt you, but NOT knowing what you don't know is usually fatal. Some of the largest and most successful companies in history have succumbed to upstart rivals because the giants could not imagine being toppled. This is the fatal flaw of experience. We THINK we know what we need to know, but we don't -- and so we don't ask the questions that lead to knowing what we need to know. In the age of Enron, "I didn't know" is no longer a defense. In truth, it never was.

Disruptive innovation / Blue Ocean Strategy.

There are two kinds of innovation -- sustaining and disruptive. We're all familiar with sustaining innovation: doing what we do a little more efficiently or effectively. That kind of business strategy, however, can be little more than making a better buggy whip compared to the disruptive breakthroughs we've all experienced -- from the Model T Ford to the cell phone to Google. Disruptive technologies are often of poor quality -- remember the first PCs? - but they do the job in a way even the best old technology can't.

Circumstances over attributes.

All our lives, we are conditioned to respond to "attributes." We do what we're told by people who have the attribute of parent, teacher, policeman, president, partner, etc. But when it comes to providing valuable products and services, it's the circumstances that matter. In other words, it's the clients' needs that matter and our ability to meet them, not their title, their rank, their age or demographic -- not ours.

Earned trust.

In business, there is no force more powerful than trust. Trust absolutely makes the world go around. It can take years to earn and can be blown in a minute - just ask the folks at Arthur Andersen. Don't worry about earning money, worry about earning TRUST - internally and externally. Do that, the money will come.

Focused vision.

There's an old saying, "Where there is no vision the people perish." There are two parts to this: first, having a clear, focused vision and, second, having the right one. In school, you learn how to do things right. But in business, you'd better do the right things. Without a vision, you don't know what those are.