Growth is a complicated process. For it to happen, you need a variety of skill sets. What makes Growth5 so effective is the breadth and depth of its leadership and staff.

Greg Conderacci, Managing Director, Chief Marketing Officer

Greg helps companies articulate the answer to the question, "why should I do business with you?" In addition to branding guidance, he provides ongoing marketing strategy to our clients.

Sean Carton, Chief Strategy Officer

Sean helps clients understand the constantly changing intersections between design, marketing, communication, and technology.

Robert Beal, Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer

Rob orchestrates the entire spectrum of Growth5 strategy and service, ensuring a seamless experience for both our clients and yours.

Andres Zapata, EVP Strategy

Andres ensures progress through communication based on connection, understanding and clarity. Prior to idfive, Andres was a principal and founding partner of Smartank Group, a consultancy that recently merged with idfive.

Tom Marsden, Marketing Coordinator

A marketing coordinator for g5, Tom has over thirty years of client relations experience serving the leading corporations in the region.